Here are some of the many wonderful companies we have had the opportunity to collaborate with in the past. Elixir MRE prides itself on making connections with other vegan companies and compassion based causes. If you are interested in collaborating with Elixir MRE please fill out a contact form and we will get in touch with you! 

Black Jaguar White Tiger & Boycott Circus - This is an incredible foundation that focuses its energy on rescuing "Big Cats from bad circumstances," though they do help other creatures. They raise awareness about each animal's intelligence and emotional capacity. Constantly reinforcing that these animals are "Wild" and NOT PETS, Eddie acts as a father figure to his pride. By giving the animals love and respect to the extreme, the team is changing the viewing worlds perception about these beautiful creatures and their place on the planet we share with them. 

Kush Climbing - Kush Climbing is a community of brave souls seeking the path least traveled. They provide the climbing community with crash pads made from the most sustainable materials with the "baddest assed" designs. Kush also donates a portion of all sales to charities that their customers and teammates pick. 

Friction Labs - Friction Labs is all about helping climbers feel that split second feeling of nirvana (when your grip does more than you thought it could) by using science to engineer the BEST chalk for climbing adventure success. 

Crazies and Weirdos - Creating a new campaign ever 3 months focusing on a different animal each time, Crazies and Weirdos say to their doubters and critics, that the world is changing. Their second campaign #craziesand weirdos is dedicated to the farm sanctuaries rescuing innocent defenseless beings. #pigsreallydofly "Because not eating, hunting, harming, or exploiting animals is crazy and just plain weird." 

FTLA Apparel - FTLA Apparel is a cruelty free, Eco-friendly, high end line of custom hand screen-printed clothing for animal lovers, advocates, vegans, rescuers, pets and their humans. "Making a literal fashion statement," the designer Kim makes sure that the quality is present in both the material and the message the line sends. 

 - BEETxBEET is on a mission to save the world one vegan at a time. They educate the public about the environmental issues involving food as well as conscious eating. Through cool, fashionable, and healthy propaganda, they are giving a positive voice to the vegan community. 

Lifestyle Merchants - Founded with a sense of humor and sarcasm, Lifestyle Merchants is a nod to the contemporary fashion scene and the evolving lifestyle it encapsulates. It embraces the haze and explores international urban culture to create a label that stirs the pot, raises a smile and responds to the hype we love to hate. 

Poler Stuff - Outdoor Stuff is a brand created to bridge the gap between action sports and personal outdoor activities, recognizing that a modern active outdoor lifestyle encompasses them both. They make stuff for the roamers and seekers, gear that is fun and functional and suited for everyday use in the city as well as your next adventure into the wild. #campvibes

Iron Buddha - Coming 2015! Apparel for the fight of your life. Created by DFV. 

Era Perez - An Australian owned Natural Cosmetics company that prides itself in supplying healthy natural make up that has never been tested on animals. They select all of their ingredients with the greatest respect for mankind and the environment. 

Seasoul and Snow
 - Designer Sinead explains Seasoul and Snow as everything winter and summer, only endorsing products they adore, Seasoul and snow is known for its superfood series with positive health food messages adorning their luscious materials. 

Havet Clothing - Created by four brothers and inspired by the California lifestyle, each of the four lines represent one of the brothers uniquely and together their perspectives created the the label "Havet" which mean "OCEAN." 

Joi Cafe - Joi Cafe is a true vegan restaurant local to Westlake Village, California. It is known for the open and welcoming atmosphere as well as the menu favorite, "The Bob Marley." The owners, Joi and Nick are always to be found working hard and interacting with their very loyal customer base. Try their food once and you will understand their motto of healing one meal at a time. 

Lorna Jane - Aside from becoming an industry leading healthy living brand that transcends the walls of the gym, Lorna Jane is known for expert craftsmanship and hi-tech performance fabrics. It also represents a global movement of women living their best and most beautiful life through active living in style. 

Portland Gear - Mainly, its about pride of place. Portland Gear proudly represents the amazing city of Portland that not only accepts everyone, but celebrates them. Individuality and weirdness is encouraged! 

The Veggie Republic - They realize that most people are looking for a small way to make a big difference in the lives of those less fortunate, which is why they have made it their mission to help bring local families fresh produce, by using profits and proceeds to donate food directly from farms to local food banks. 

Giving Tree Eyewear - Giving Tree makes lightweight glasses specifically made from BPA-free materials to last through all of life's adventures. They believe that everyone deserves eyewear that is resilient, superior protection and makes you feel put together.